Media/Embargo Policy

Full issues of CHEST are officially published during the first week of each month. Articles and supplements in each monthly edition of CHEST that do not appear in the “Online First” section are embargoed until they are published in a numbered issue or supplement issue of CHEST, unless otherwise specified.

The following CHEST embargo dates apply for 2014:

Month  Volume (Issue No.)  2014 Embargo Date*
January  145(1)  7-Jan
February  145(2)  4-Feb
March  145(3)   4-Mar
April  145(4)  1-Apr
May  145(5)  6-May
June  145(6)  3-Jun
July  146(1)  1-Jul
August  146(2)  5-Aug
September  146(3)  2-Sep
October  146(4)  7-Oct
November  146(5)  4-Nov
December  146(6)  2-Dec

*Issues are embargoed until 12:01 am CT on the dates listed above.

Online First: CHEST publishes Original Research and select articles in its “Online First” section each week. These papers represent the raw, unedited, accepted manuscripts. Final versions will appear in a numbered issue. The media embargo for these articles is lifted at the date of publication in the “Online First” section, though readers are encouraged to check back to view the final article in the regular issue of CHEST, as substantive changes may occur.

Meeting Abstracts: Abstracts presented at the CHEST annual meeting will appear as an online supplement to CHEST in the month of October. Abstracts are embargoed until the date and time of presentation.

For questions regarding the CHEST embargo policy, please contact the American College of Chest Physicians Public Relations Department at 224/521-9800 or by using our e-mail contact form.