Subscription Information: Libraries & Institutions


CHEST is published monthly for the American College of Chest Physicians by Elsevier, Inc.  Institutional subscriptions to CHEST are managed by Elsevier. If you are interested in subscribing or renewing, visit Elsevier's online store for more information regarding rates, access, reprints, and more. Contact Elsevier Customer Service for assistance or Tel: (800) 654-2452 (U.S. and Canada); (314) 447-8871 (outside U.S. and Canada). 

Account Management

The Administrator Dashboard allows account administrators to download COUNTER reports from 2012 to 2015 for an institutional subscription active for that time period. Administrators can:

  • Download COUNTER reports.

Log into the Administrator Dashboard.
Download the Administrator User Guide (PDF link in the lower right corner of the Administrator Dashboard).