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CHEST is published monthly for the American College of Chest Physicians by Elsevier, Inc. Individual subscriptions to CHEST are managed by Elsevier. If you are interested in subscribing or renewing, visit Elsevier's online store for more information regarding rates, access, and more. Contact Elsevier Customer Service for assistance or Tel: (800) 654-2452 (U.S. and Canada); (314) 447-8871 (outside U.S. and Canada).  

CHEST subscriptions are available to any individual, but are included as a free benefit of American College of Chest Physician membership. Learn more about the other advantages of becoming a member.


2016 CHEST Membership Rates: 

Cost of CHEST Membershipa

(print + online)






$195.00 - $295.00* 

aCHEST offers three levels of membership that allow y‚Äčou to decide the resources and benefits that best suit your needs and interests. Membership discounts are available for international, trainees, and nonphysician/nondoctoral clinicians on any membership package. Learn more.

*Cost is equivalent for enhanced level of membership, which includes an online and print subscription to the journal CHEST.

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The CHEST e-books are no longer available for purchase. We have many other board review study materials and invite you to view all board review products.

Current subscriptions to any individual CHEST Book or the collection of all books will continue until the 12-month access to the e-book expires. PDFs of the e-books can be saved to a personal computer or device.

CHEST Board Review Courses: Anyone attending the annual CHEST Board Review courses will receive complimentary access to the single e-book corresponding to the course topic. Information on access will be provided on course registration. Learn more about CHEST Board Review courses.


Q: How can I update my CHEST membership information?
A: Update your membership information by sending a message through the Contact Us form or call +1 224/521-9800 or 1 800/343-2227.

Q: I tried the login help function and did not receive my information. How can I get access to the content I subscribe to?
A: It is possible the e-mail address we have on file for you is out of date. Provide your current e-mail address using the Contact Us form or call +1 224/521-9800 or 1 800/343-2227. Our team will update your contact information and send you temporary login details.

Q: How can I get the CHEST app?
A: The CHEST app is free to download through iTunes or by searching “CHEST Journal” in the App store on your device. Full articles are available only to current CHEST subscribers. Nonsubscribers will have access to tables of contents, search results, and abstracts. If you are subscriber, enter your username and password into the settings area to enjoy uninterrupted access to CHEST.

Q: Is there an app available for Android, Blackberry, and other non-iOS smartphones?
A: At present, the CHEST app is available only for Apple devices. Other device users are encouraged to use the CHEST mobile site (users accessing publications.chestnet.org from a mobile device should be automatically redirected; automatic redirect will not work on all tablets).

Q: I purchased electronic access to a book that has a publication date prior to this year. How can I access the newest edition?
A: New editions of the CHEST Books are not published annually in most cases, but content is updated online as changes in the field demand. Only the most recent edition is available online, and subscribers in good standing can access all new content published during their subscription period.

Q: Can I put the e-book on my e-reader device?
A: CHEST Books are not available for sale directly on e-reader devices (ie, Kindle, Nook, etc ). It may be possible to import a PDF of the e-book onto your e-reader device. Because each device functions differently, we recommend you consult your device manual for specific instructions. Note: there may be a charge for importing personal PDFs onto your device.

Q: Can I put the e-book on my tablet?
A: Subscribers can enjoy the complete functionality of the e-books through the online browser on a tablet. Each device works differently, but often it is not possible to download a PDF to the device. In some instances, you may be able to use an app that serves as a container for PDFs and other documents. Some of these apps also include annotation and note-taking abilities (eg, iAnnotate for iPad®). We recommend that you consult your device manual for further details and prior to purchasing additional apps.